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In Person Interview

    Tips for taking an In Person Interview with AXIS SERVICES’s Client
  • Congratulations you have been chosen for an in person interview with one of AXIS SERVICES’s clients, you have accomplished a lot! This interview maybe your first interview with the client or it may have been scheduled after a successful phone interview. AXIS SERVICES’s clients are some of the top Fortune 500 firms. By making it through our prescreening processes as well as our client’s it says a lot about your ability and experience. We both like your story. Now you need to make your story come alive and convince the client that it was not fiction, but your real live story. Remember for this moment you are a sales person selling the best product - You!
  • At this point you are going for an in person interview with a client who could make you an offer after the interview or may ask you to return for additional rounds of interviews. Either way your resume or phone interview story must now come to life. The story they have read on your resume now must be substantiated and it must accurately reflect you and your experience so they are confident that you are the type of person that they want to have working with them. This is your last opportunity to make a first in person impression with this client! Make the most of it!
  • Anticipating and attending an interview can be very stressful; after all it is an event that can have a huge impact on your life. Changing jobs ranks high on the stress meter. By being prepared you can minimize the stress and control the situation. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the in person interview and manage the stress that may arise during the actual meeting. Many of these points are practical or common sense, others may not be as obviously apparent.

Before the Interview

    Plan out your attire a few days before, making sure that your favorite suit is not sitting at the dry cleaner or worse, in your hamper! Formal Business Attire is always best for an interview! Making a professional impression can never be wrong! Wear your best suit! If you think it looks the best, it probably does! When you feel confident in your look, you will demonstrate confidence to the interviewer.
  • Plan adequate time to get ready for the interview to ensure that you don’t feel rushed and neglect your personal hygiene and attire. Plan to arrive at the interview 15-30 minutes early to have a chance to collect your thoughts. If you will be leaving your current job and going straight to the interview, make sure you have carefully planned out where you will change your clothes, wash-up, brush your teeth and make sure that you have factored in enough time to refresh yourself
  • Ask your AXIS SERVICES contact if there is anything “special” you should bring with you or prepare for, this will help to prevent you from being caught without something you could have easily prepared. Organize what you are taking with you the day before and put the items together in your brief case! Make sure to have the job description, a list of any questions you have and the directions to the interview location, accompanied with contact information in case you have any last minute trouble with directions or are running late.
  • Allow plenty of extra time to get to the interview! If it is a trip that takes 1 hour, leave yourself 2 hours or close to double the travel time. There is nothing more stressful then encountering road construction, a detour, a traffic accident etc., when you are traveling in unknown territory and are concerned about time! Remember, if you are early, you can take time to review your information or read the newspaper to kill time! Bring a Photo-ID with you! Most companies have stringent security measures in place and many will require ID to sign into the building as a Guest for an interview.

The time of the Interview has arrived. Remember this is your last time to make a first impression !

  • Once you are with the Manager, remember to smile and be upbeat! Smiling is contagious! Try to establish a common interest with the Manager, if you see a picture in his office of a sports team or recreational activity, make a comment. Establishing a common interest will help to generate conversation which can be a great relaxation technique. Often if a common interest is established it can change the entire mood of the appointment! Plus the Manager will get a sense that you are interested in him and then ultimately interested in joining his team!
  • During the question and answer session, visualize yourself doing well! Feeling confident in your responses will show to the Manager. Answer questions completely! Avoid Yes / No answers and support all of your answers with details of past experience, knowledge, education etc. By expanding on the interviewers question with a detailed answer, you will help control the direction the interview goes. If you answer with one word, you force the manager to keep questioning, whereas, if you offer explanation and details, the Manager may direct his questioning to the information you have offered. If you are talking about the details you are offering, you will be more comfortable and more successful. Posture is very important, sit u

As the Interview Ends

  • Be sure to ask the interviewer when they anticipate making a decision. Reiterate your interest in the position and your enthusiasm for the company. Thank the interviewer graciously for his time. Ask them what the next step or steps will be.
  • After the interview please contact your AXIS SERVICES recruiter ASAP with your thoughts and feedback on the interview. It is best if we hear from you before we hear from the client.
  • Good luck, remember to follow these tips. Remember that the client is just as hopeful as you are that the interview works out favorable. Be confident! Remember for this moment you are a sales person selling the best product - You!

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